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My husband, Mike, and I have four kids and have moved quite a bit. We both grew up and met in Ontario, where all four of our kiddos were born as well. In early 2018 a job opportunity took our family to Illinois where we met some amazing people and I was able to explore my love of baking more. I started to experiment further - especially because I had an wonderful group of willing taste testers, the staff at our kids’ school!

In the late winter of 2020 we decided to move yet again for a job opportunity, but this time to Weyburn, Saskatchewan! We arrived and I began to inquire about attending the Weyburn Open Air Market just in time for the spring lock-down – when obviously even more baking happened in our home! As things started to open back up in Saskatchewan, I began attending Market weekly (as much as my husband’s busy farming schedule allowed since we had no family/friends here to watch our kids). My family (especially my husband) and my newfound friends in Weyburn have been very supportive of this venture, which has changed over the last couple years. I no longer attend markets but sell treats at CollabArtive Studios when my custom order schedule allows. I’ve loved meeting so many people in our new community whether that's getting to be a part of your special celebrations, or just everyday treats!


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