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Erin Lauren Bell
Arts & Crafts

About Me

• I developed a love of “Arts and Crafts” at an early age.

o My family is very artistic; I learned how to sew/cross stitch from my mom (Louise); and draw/paint from my dad (Roy).

• High School: I loved school, graduated 2nd in my class, and I played all school sports competitively

• University: I earned a B. Sci Kin (with great distinction) and B. Ed (with distinction) from the U of S

• Career: Worked with Prairie Valley School Division (PVSD) since 2005 

o Primarily taught Physical Education, Wellness, Health, Math and Outdoor Ed 

o Coached all school sports and supervised year end camping trips


My Arts and Crafts 

I am truly a lifelong learner... I love to try new art forms and I usually love them all so much so that I now have 4 different art workspaces in my house/garage. My favorite quote; “I’m just as shocked as you are that I don’t have all the craft supplies I need for this project.” 

• Scrapbooking – treasured keepsakes

• Sewing – quilted bags 

• Stepping stones – one stroke painting, kids hand/foot prints + names, and M&M designs

• Wood working – my favorites: snowman and elf with hanging arm/leg, and wooden "Home" signs

• Took classes at Cathedral Art School & Studio (in Regina) to further develop my acrylic painting skill, learned about Zentangles (LOVE THEM) and tried the pottery wheel and hand building with clay. 

• Paint pouring – messy but oh what fun to play and create unique works of art 

• Watercolor – mountain landscapes and bookmarks 

• Cute snowman – wooden base with a homemade scarf and toque (loom knitting is very calming) 

• Christmas ornament wreaths – or seasonal wreaths 

• I now have a Cricut Maker 3 and I absolutely love it! My first project was making personalized glitter ornaments for my family. 

• I discovered the CollabARTive Studio in May – it is my new favorite place!

o Malia taught me and my nieces about alcohol inks. Loved it so much I went out and bought all my own supplies. Now I create vibrant alcohol inks and cover them with vinyl designs. 

o Krystal gave me a few resin classes. Love my Charm Glasses and coasters. 

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