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My Vision Art Craft

Olha Matiusheva was born and lived in Ukraine. Working with children with special needs stimulated her to look for creative approaches in her work. Thus, beads appeared in Olha's life. The Internet has become her teacher of bead art. It all started with the creation of simple beaded trees and flowers. Then Olha began to try to crochet ropes and create jewelry. Along with this, she was fascinated by embroidering pictures with beads. And today, beads have been a significant part of Olga's life for more than 10 years.


In 2018 Olha and her family moved to Canada. Moving to a new country opened up her potential for creating topiary. Adapting to a new country with a different culture was not easy. Returning to her hobby helped Olha a lot in the fight against anxiety, and also helped in integrating into a new society. 


The creation of each piece of jewelry is a special process that takes time. Choosing a color combination, making samples, and creating the final version requires many hours of painstaking work. The main component in the creation of the artist's work is inspiration and a good mood. Olha believes that by creating something with your own hands, you charge the object with energy and the mood with which you do it. Therefore, you can be sure that every piece made by the artist's hands carries love, kindness and inspiration. And therefore, you will not find many repetitions in her work. Each piece of jewelry is individual and unique. 

Jewelry is available for purchase, it is also possible to make it on an individual order. Many of Olga's jewelry works are presented in the Collabarative Studio.

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